Product Picker Questionnaire: Saratoga Cycle


What is your disability?

What is your height?


Would the cycle be for home or an institution use?

Home Institution

Are you looking for an upper body cycle?

Yes No

Are you looking for a lower body (leg) cycle?

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Do you have any leg strength?

Yes No

Are you looking for a cycle that will work both the arms and the legs?

Yes No

Are you looking for a cycle in which you can get an upper body exercise and a lower body exercise, and also set it to simultaneously work both the upper and lower extremities?

Yes No

What type of wheelchair do you use?

Are the footrests on your wheelchair removable?

Yes No

If you are interested in the arm cycle, do you have a table to put the cycle on or are you interested in our customized table to mount your cycle?

Have table Need table

What is your handgrip, if any?

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