Press Releases


November 2009

  • The Saratoga fitness division of Rand-Scot is pleased to introduce a new entry into its line of exercise cycles. The “Collins Lite” or SAF-CL1 brings the user the advantages of upper body cycling in a simple to use, durable design at low cost.

February 2009

  • Rand-Scot now has available an EasyPivot patient lift suitable for many persons up to 440 pounds ... the Model EP-440!
  • Rand-Scot Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of two of its latest type of EasyPivot™ patient lifts. The new lifts, designated EP-84 and EP-112 are side column EasyPivot’s configured in a similar manner to the companies original products of nearly 30 years ago.

January 2009

  • We have introduced a new BBD Wheelchair Cushion ... the model MDV. This is our 19" x 20" cushion with a 6" V cut-out in the back for those who have tailbone pain or pressure sores.


August 2008

  • The BBD Wheelchair Cushion has been re-designed to make the cushions last twice as long! We now have the rubber seams reinforced twice so that they are much less likely to have seam leaks.

May 2006

  • Sarataga Silver Cycle® is featured in the award winning movie, The Goal, which follows the lives of two spinal cord injured quadriplegics through the acute stages of their respective accidents.

January 2004

  • New Saratoga Silver I Hand Cycles Shipping in February from Rand-Scot, Inc.

February 2003

  • Variable Wheel Base Available on Home EasyPivots from Rand-Scot, Inc.

March 2002

  • BBD Mattress Overlay Now Available from Rand-Scot Inc.
  • EasyPivot Model EP-260 for Institutional Use Now Available from Rand-Scot Inc.

January 2002

  • Travel Lifter Model TVL-601 Now Available from Rand-Scot Inc.

February 2001

  • Saratoga Accessible Fitness Lines Acquired by Rand-Scot Inc.

March 2000

  • Rand-Scot, Inc. acquires the line of BBD Wheelchair Cushions from Ken McRight. We are honored to continue this line of air-filled wheelchair cushions that have been available for 50 years!