Profhand Pedal Wheelchair

Suitable for people who suffer from the list of syndromes below:

  1. Stroke・Cerebral infarction
  2. Spinal injury – mild paralysis
  3. Parkinson's Disease
  4. Movement dysfunction
  5. Osteoarthritis – knee deformity
  6. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  7. Obstructive atherosclerosis
  8. Unable to walk due to Diabetes
  9. No particular syndrome needed

Profhand Pedal Wheelchairs

Manually Operated Multifunctional Wheelchairs

For indoor / outdoor use and intended to provide mobility to persons that have the capability of operating a wheelchair.

  • Even a person who is reluctantly able to walk or even unable to walk is able to use Profhand It’s really light in weight , as long as you have one possible leg with a mere bit of energy , users can Pedal with great ease , using the abled leg to exercise the paralyzed leg , it’s the best rehabilitation device for people who suffer from stroke.
  • Making it possible to maintain and prevents degeneration of the leg muscles and brain
    When in use , hands , legs , brain, eyes and ears are needed to be used at the same time while riding , can obtain great complex rehabilitation effects ,that’s why besides people who suffer from stroke ,people who suffer from cerebral palsy, spinal injuries with mild paralysis ,even people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease can ride this to obtain great rehabilitation and to keep the symptoms from becoming worse.
  • Able to make a 360 Degrees turn on the spot. While riding, the upper body does not become a burden to the lower limbs, also creating a good exercise mechanism for the legs, that’s why it is also convenient for elderly people to exercise their leg strength so that they extend their leg strengths further and maintain leg muscles at its best.
  • Great way for the elderly to obtain no burden exercise Users can turn 360 degrees on the spot, allowing them to use Profhand in small sized rooms.
  • Easy to control - Really easy to maneuver , high degree of fun letting users become more confident in themselves .It has already been proven, in the more advance countries that this is a perfect rehabilitation device for the patients or elderly people , they love using it for rehabilitation and exercising purposes.
  • High Safety Precautions have been taken into consideration - We have built in Auxiliary Wheels to prevent Profhand from tilting over in any direction. Safe and comfortable, allowing easy access and easy maneuvering.
  • Safe and comfortable , perfect device for indoors , allowing easy access and easy maneuvering.