Insist on Rand-Scot Exercise Cycles!

Your Saratoga product has been designed for you by people with disabilities like yours.

Rand-Scot, Inc. is the only company that cares enough about your needs to offer so many handgrip choices and other accessibility features . . . and we're adding more each year!

Guaranteed accessible . . . or we'll buy it back.

You have 15 days from the day you receive your Rand-Scot equipment to use it and determine if it is 100% accessible to you - guaranteed! Call us if it's not. Maybe we can cure the problem . . . maybe not. If we can't, we'll give you authorization to retur

A lifetime of service and a full one-year warranty.

If your Saratoga ever breaks down, just call us and we'll propose a prompt repair. If you are the original purchaser, and within one year of purchase, all parts and labor will be on us.

Your Saratoga will be as rugged and durable as we can make it.

You will get years and years of daily workouts. Your cycle or table will be identical to the ones used each hour in top rehabilitation centers and clinics. You have our word on it!


When you're ready for your Saratoga, your Saratoga is ready for you.

When you're ready for your Saratoga, your Saratoga is ready for you.

Saratoga Cycles are the choice of top rehabilitation centers, universities, and folks like you.

Saratoga products are used at Boston University Medical Center, the Chicago Public School System, Craig Hospital, the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, many VA medical centers, and in hundreds of private homes from

You can be using your own Cycle later this week.

Most orders are shipped within 72 hours (3 business days). In a real hurry? Ask about details and rates for air delivery.

Let Us Help with purchasing

Don’t let costs keep you from purchasing the mobility products you need

Rand-Scot representatives will help you navigate the insurance claims process and assist you in acquiring discounted items.

The caring professionals at Rand-Scot will even walk you through the setup and use of your mobility equipment.

Call 1-800-467-7967 to talk with a live assistant