Rand-Scot Goes Green!

In today's world one only has to turn on the news or open the paper to read about the latest

However, have you ever considered whether products you've been buying for years and years are green? Well, Rand-Scot's products are as green as a wind turbine or the high-tech house they are building down the block and the emphasis to conserve energy and sustainability is not new at our company. It has been that way at our company since the inception.

Our website shows a wheelchair scene in the mountains. Did you know Rand-Scot is on the last true wild river in America? The south side of our building (a thermal containment wall) borders that side of the building. Our unique building is another interesting item. We installed 90% efficient hydronic heating over 22 years ago and many of our machines use soft start technology to conserve electricity. Lastly, we are a subscriber to the Fort Collins Wind Energy Program where by our electricity is taxed extra for the construction and design of wind energy turbines.

#1. Did you know that steel is the most recycled metal next to aluminum? Your Easy Pivot or Saratoga frame or flywheel may have been the axel of a king's coach or part of a WWII vessel at one point. We specifically choose steel without certain additives, not only to protect our workers during cutting and welding, but to also promote sustainability.


#2. The coatings on your EasyPivot are high-tech powders that don't have volatile organic hydrocarbons. We have been using them for years, but it goes far deeper than that. Rand-Scot is a pioneer in the use of non-phosphate pretreatment. Right now the big guys are just catching up.


#3. Packaging: Cardboard and paper recycling are just the tip of our emphasis towards sustainability. We specify recycled products in our cardboard and paper. It is a thin edge balancing light cardboard boxes that might result in product damage with heavy boxes that uses extra cardboard. That is a consideration on each item. So is the poured in foam that protects your product in route. It's of a biodegradable type.


So, rest assured that we are trying hard to bring you long lasting products without ruining our environment.

If you have suggestions regarding our product, they are certainly welcome.