Working out to me seemed impossible as I am in a wheelchair and not that flexible. My Saratoga . . . really keeps me going strong.

Bryan M. Scott, quadriplegic

My Saratoga Cycle is over 50% of my cross-training program. I recommend the Saratoga to anyone wanting a healthier lifestyle.

C.C., Paraplegic

I love the Saratoga Silver Cycle computer and all the options to really customize my workouts! It's very well made and is indeed, "whisper quiet." I like it so much that I'm going to try to talk my company's fitness center into purchasing one as well!


It is very satisfying to discover an exercise product that a quadriplegic can actually use ... My Saratoga is of an excellent design!

T.R., Quad
Great Britain

My Saratoga Cycle makes me feel better, it puts me in a better mood in everyday life!

A.P., Quadriplegic

I'm very impressed with my Saratoga Cycle. I use it 6 days a week for 30 minutes each workout. I like the cardiovascular benefits. It's the best piece of equipment I've seen on the market!

T.M., Paraplegic

I was looking for dependable exercise equipment and Saratoga was recommended by [a nearby hospital] as a very reputable company with quality equipment. I can see why you were recommended.

David Johnson, RN