Rand-Scot Monark Table

Rand-Scot offers a specially-designed table that Monark Trainer owners have wanted for years. If you're tired of chasing your Monark across an already crowded table, then here is the table you have waited for!


  • Closer approach to your Monark Trainer than with a regular table - regardless of wheelchair arm rests, foot rests, or joystick.
  • Exclusive T-shaped table top that anchors your Monark with 3 lockdowns.
  • Customized height of your workout - from 26 to 35
  • Four-caster system providing easy mobility when you want to move the Cycle Table.
  • Four-caster system providing no-skid floor plates and stabilizers to provide rock-solid immobility during even the most rigorous arm workouts.

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Base Price: $1,250.00
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Monark Table
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