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Table-Mounted Cycles

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Cycle with Motor Assist

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Free-Standing Spirit Cycles


Accessible Aerobic Fitness

Rand-Scot, Saratoga, and You - A Winning Combination!

Saratoga cycles are the premier line of exercise equipment for persons with disabilities. Saratoga cycles can bring renewed energy to your life. Our Rand-Scot products are manufactured and designed for persons with special needs in mind. As you ease into a regimen of exercise using Rand-Scot's Saratoga products, you will find new energy. Many users report easier breathing and a greater "zest for life" after a brief workout. As your exercise program progresses, arms, shoulders and back can be strengthened and you will gain more stamina to get through each busy day. Since exercise burns calories, you may lose weight - while building needed muscle.

Make sure to add your choice of Handgrips

Use your own table or our Fully Adjustable-Height Table

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