Rand-Scot Mattress Overlay

The BBD Mattress Overlay is a highly versatile product. It has many unique features aimed at helping to preserve skin health. It incorporates five of the time-proven BBD air-filled, soft rubber bladders to achieve this goal. Each of the five mattress sections can be individually inflated for the proper pressure required by individual areas of the body.

The BBD Mattress Overlay fits standard hospital beds and twin beds. It is 38 inches wide and 80 inches long. The covering is of synthetic "sheepskin-like" pile on the top and a durable nylon-reinforced bottom. A unique, inter-cell divider telescopes with mattress inflation and patient movement to further reduce pressure.method – which in effect helps lower pressure under bony prominences.

Complete Mattress Kit Includes:

  • One (1) Overlay Cover
  • Five (5) Overlay Sections
  • One (1) Air Pump
  • One (1) Patch Kit

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38" wide x 80" long $1588.00

Mattress Overlay
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