BBD Wheelchair Cushions

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Pressure relief wheelchair cushions and therapeutic mattress

The original and still the best!

For 55 years, it's the one you've always depended on. Even the most unconvinced person will find it difficult to deny the therapeutic qualities of our "simple" air cushions. The secret of the BBD's success against decubitus ulcers is the equalization of pressure – specifically over bony prominences – promoting good blood circulation and greatly reducing the danger of mashing or bruising dermal tissues. Quadriplegics and paraplegics who have been plagued for years with decubitus ulcers have received very positive results when they started using the BBD Cushions. In most cases, when the cushion is given a fair trial, the results can be spectacular!


Best preventional product for decubiti ulcers

Durable, Versatile, and Affordable

While at only a fraction of the cost of water, gel, and expensive pneumatic pads, the comfort, durability, and performance of BBD Cushions is unequalled!

BBD Cushions may be used in bed, bathtubs, showers, boats, or stadiums. BBD Mattress Overlays are portable enough to use not only at home but also in hotel rooms and on camping trips. Our deluxe covers are washable and will provide years of service. We also have a limited selection for certain models of double-knit stretch fabric covers as well as fleece covers. 

Comfortable, Effective, and Practical

In short, BBD Cushions are the best, most practical products on the market to help reduce pressure and prevent decubitus ulcers (also known as bed sores or pressure sores). Our 100% natural rubber BBD Cushions and Mattress Overlays not only assure maximum pressure equalization during use but also provide exceptional ventilation and shock absorbency. Inflated by mouth or low-pressure air pump, our BBD Cushions may be adjusted for "fullness" to accommodate individual comfort and stability requirements.