Aerobic Exercise and You

What is Aerobic Exercise and Why is It So Important?

What makes a workout aerobic?

To be aerobic, a workout traditionally lasts for at least 20 minutes without stopping. Physiologists generally recommend at least three workouts each week. Some physiologists also suggest that you leave at least one day between each workout day - just in

Why is weight training anaerobic - not aerobic?

Weight training stops too often and does not require you to bring as much oxygen into your body. Weight training is great for building up arm and shoulder muscles, but does very little for the most important muscle in your body - your heart!

What will aerobic workouts do for me?

The training effects of aerobic exercise benefit your heart, lungs, and circulatory system.


  • More energy and stamina for your busy lifestyle
  • Increased strength
  • Quicker weight loss by burning body fat
  • Easier breathing and increased lung capacity
  • Lowered cholesterol levels
  • Lowered rate of osteoporosis in the limbs
  • A better feeling about yourself and your health