Rand-Scot products
will change the way
you face each day.

Rand-Scot’s mobility devices are designed to make your daily transitions easy to manage. Now you can get up safely out of bed, be vital and productive during the day, and then easily turn in for a sound sleep.

Rand-Scot representatives speak one-on-one with customers to determine which products will most improve their quality of life.


The Rand-Scot story

Since 1980, Rand-Scot has been committed to providing products that increase mobility, comfort, and strength for those who use a wheelchair.

The engineer behind the Rand-Scot line of products, Joel Lerich, personally designed the EasyPivot patient lift after a car accident made him a quadriplegic. Remarkably soon thereafter, he formed Rand-Scot to help better the lives of other disabled individuals. Hear Joel’s story